Getting Started

Step 1 - Setup Your Dashboard

After registration, we will contact you (within 48 hrs), to notify you of the creation of your new account dashboard.

Once logged in, you can connect your different review platforms (eg, Google My Business, Yell, Trustpilot etc) to our system, for us to monitor. 

Step 2 - Adding the Code Snippet to Your Site

The nest step is to add the snippet of code to your site. This allows us to add all these amazing reviews to your pages, for google to see.

Step 3 - Simply Wait 2 weeks

That’s it. Now you simply need to wait 2 weeks for Google to re-index and re-display your webpages on Google search.

If after 3 weeks, you see no change, give a you nudge in the support section. One of our team will have a look for you.